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I wanted this to be a little harder/more rage-inducing but had fun nonetheless! I had to include another game in my video for content sake..

like only one level, bravo. if your making another "Avalanche" game add more levels plz. but apart from that everything was cool

Loved the game! it was really rage creating for me! but i agree with 

furious_panda  different music and create levels that have different difficulties and obstacles.  will bring a crowd to this game!

Really cool game! I had a lot of fun playing this game!

Great game had so much fun thank you.  

I know I'm late but thankful I had a chance to play this game. I loved the game for what it was worth, loved the way that you couldn't really cheat your way through it like you could with GTA V (lets use that as an example since this type of game was used in a GTA V gamemode) and that you had to dodge left and right literally to get to the very top.

The colliding sound is a little bit annoying but not to terribly annoying. Felt that it was too easy to get up to the top but hopefully there will be more game modes/more challenges to play with in the future.

I will say though that overall, I loved the game and what it had to offer, I hope it can be even better in the future through updates :D


Really fun game! Some suggestions: different music and create levels that have different difficulties and obstacles. Had fun playing :)